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Standards for trustworthy AI – should we or shouldn’t we?

Thank you to those of you who joined our annual meeting last week. We had the pleasure of announcing the election results and welcomed Mahsa, Habib and Caleb for the first time. We are fortunate to welcome back Rachel, Louise, Michael, Ross, Carole, Frith, Graeme and Sandra.

At our annual meeting we also announced the establishment of an Executive Council Alumni for all who have dedicated their time and expertise to help govern and steer the AI Forum.  The Alumni will act as a reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.

As many grapple with how to incorporate mechanisms for trustworthy AI, standardisation, certification and regulation of AI are increasingly important.  Should New Zealand ‘go it alone’ and invest in AI research and New Zealand specific rules and practices, or should we join the international community and add our voice? 

Participation in standards setting will help ensure AI standards not only work for New Zealand, but allow our businesses to competitively trade on the global stage.  If we are going to produce world leading AI or consume products created offshore, shouldn’t we have a hand in creating standards that we may have to comply with?

In 2018, Australia became a participating member of the independent  International Standards Committee, (ISO) ISO/IEC SC 42 Artificial Intelligence

“As a developer of AI, but even more significantly as a purchaser of AI ‘off-the-shelf,’ it is important that Australia is involved in shaping the International Standards that are used to develop these AI products and services. This involvement will ensure Australia’s know-how and values are incorporated. It will also assist Australian companies selling AI solutions internationally if our developers know what standards to adopt when making AI products and services for international markets and global supply chains, ” Australia concluded in An Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap.

Participatory status provides Australia with an equal standing with 30 other participating countries (and hundreds of AI experts).  With more than 30 Australian experts from government, academia, industry and consumer groups actively participating, reviewing and contributing, Australia is helping to shape AI standards for the world.

Would you or members of your organisation be interested in joining a mirror committee to support New Zealand as a participatory member?   We greatly value your feedback, so please let us know if you want to know more about how to help New Zealand participate.

Meanwhile, we’re very excited to be working on our first annual conference since COVID-19  struck and will be sharing more details very soon.  The Aotearoa AI Summit will be held in Auckland in March 2021 with options to join in person or online.   As always, If you are interested in sponsoring or being involved please let us know.

Please join us for our informal end of year celebration, kindly hosted by Google on 9 December in Wellington.  We would like to thank you for your support this year and bid farewell to 2020! There is no formal agenda, but a much welcomed chance to raise a glass and connect.  It’s free for AI Forum members, but please register to attend here.  

Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua.


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