Working Groups

Working together to advance AI in New Zealand

Its easy for you to engage in what matters most to you!

Gain the benefits of being part of a Working Group; expand your network and knowledge base, develop new ideas, address challenges and create new opportunities.

What is a Working Group?

Our Working Groups are designed to connect members through a shared interest and common goals, giving members the opportunity to collaborate, build their network and knowledge, and inform the way AI is adopted and deployed in Aotearoa.

How does it work?

Our Working Groups are convened by our members and are supported by the Executive Director and AI Forum team.

They meet regularly to conduct research, produce reports and artefacts, create and implement activations, and produce events.

Join a Working Group now and contribute your time, expertise and enthusiasm. 

Why join?

  • Grow your network by connecting with other members.
  • Be part of a coordinated, effective and focussed team.
  • Share and grow your knowledge.
  • Collaborate on a project that is meaningful to you.
  • Enjoy recognition as a contributing member.
  • Advance your career through leadership opportunities.
  • Be empowered to inspire change.

Who can join?

  • Working Groups are limited to AI Forum members only – if the organisation you work for is a member, then you are also a member.
  • Participant numbers are limited.
  • Not a member, but want to be involved?  Join now.