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Explainable AI – building trust through understanding

We want to understand how AI works – to be able to explain it – and this can be vital in some situations, but enforcing the wrong kinds of explainability can come with performance trade-offs – and the explanation itself may be so complex that it is difficult to understand as well. 

On Wednesday 8th November the AI Forum NZ launched its Explainable AI (XAI) white paper – which discusses approaches to making AI models, systems, and their decision-making processes more understandable, interpretable, and transparent to humans. This work has a clear focus on bringing the XAI discussion into the Aotearoa New Zealand context, with relevant use cases and discussions.

The Explainable AI Working Group has completed its work through producing a whitepaper and webinar. We thank our Workstream Leads and Contributors for their participation.

Workstream Contributors