The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand sets out to raise the level of awareness and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in New Zealand. 

The rapid development of AI technologies presents major opportunities and challenges for our country:  from creating world leading AI businesses, nurturing a pool of talented AI engineers, applying AI technologies to our agriculture, government, manufacturing and service industries to holding a meaningful national debate on the broader implications for society, New Zealand needs to actively engage with AI now in order to secure our future prosperity.

The Forum brings together citizens, business, academia and the government connecting, promoting and advancing the AI ecosystem to help ensure a thriving New Zealand.



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The AI Forum is launching its important mission to challenge New Zealand "to seriously and swiftly embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for the country's future" At the recent Auckland AI Meetup, hundreds of punters attended to hear IBM Watson expert Joshua Carr talk about that