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2024 is turning out to be just as action packed as 2023, with game changing new developments in the world of AI coming thick and fast.
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Following on from our launches of the AI Governance website and XAI white paper in November, this month our LLM Working Group launched the prototype of our LLM ‘living’ white paper in a well-received webinar.

Highlights from the Aotearoa AI summit

Tēnā tātou katoa, Atamai Iahiko Atamai Tuatahi Our 5th annual Summit was full of intelligent, provocative and essential discussions, and our Chair Megan Tapsell launched our new logo thanks to brand agency Supermoon! Here’s a whistle stop tour of the day, with thanks to all of our members, sponsors and the teams at NZTech and Brightstar for … Continue reading "Highlights from the Aotearoa AI summit"

Aotearoa AI Summit | AI Forum News

In the lead up to our AI Summit next month we are all still buzzing from our second annual AI for the Environment Hackathon Festival.

Counting down to our AI Hackathon

Tēnā tātou katoa The excitement levels are showing no signs of slowing down – and our next two months are all about engagement, with two of our most significant annual events happening in August and September alongside a number of events our expert members are speaking at. AI for the Environment Hackathon Festival  Open to … Continue reading "Counting down to our AI Hackathon"

Taking a responsible approach to AI | AI Forum News

Tēnā tātou katoa, Global Responsible AI on 4 May: The AI Forum is partnering with ACM and AI4Diversity as part of their global series promoting Global Responsible AI. This follows the initiative’s highly successful launch in Sydney and connects well with the work that the AI Forum has underway in this space. This is a free event with the discussion … Continue reading "Taking a responsible approach to AI | AI Forum News"

ChatGPT proving to be the iPhone moment for AI

Tēnā tātou katoa, ChatGPT is proving to be the iPhone moment for AI (thanks to Ming Cheuk for your excellent metaphor), with a good number of our members appearing in the news talking about the opportunities it has unleashed across a wide variety of applications, including: ElementX, Spark, Arcanum AI, Aware Group, Frankly AI, Ambit AI and University of Auckland. Get involvedWe have … Continue reading "ChatGPT proving to be the iPhone moment for AI"