The AI Forum of New Zealand has established a working group on Fair, Transparent and Accountable AI. The group’s purpose is to create depth in the provision of advice concerning issues and opportunities for promoting fair, accountable, transparent, and explainable AI.

This group will support the AI Forum’s purpose of raising awareness and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence by creating depth in the conversation, in a manner that best suits New Zealand’s needs as an inclusive, productive and sustainable digital nation.

Vitally, the group will link to a wider conversation on the same topic facilitated by the international Partnership on AI (PAI), which has been established to study and formulate best practices on AI Technology, to advance public understanding on AI and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and it’s influences on people and society.

Our AIFNZ working group will contribute to PAI’s goals concerning Fair, Transparent and Accountable AI, and draw upon the outputs of the PAI’s own dedicated working group, who will develop standards and best practices as a way to avoid and minimize the risk that AI systems will undermine fairness, equality, due process, civil liberties, or human rights. The group will pursue opportunities to develop best practices around the development and fielding of fair, explainable, and accountable AI systems.

Koren O'Brein
Koren O'Brien
Amy Fletcher
Amy Fletcher

Koren O’Brien of ANZ and Amy Fletcher of The University of Canterbury are members of the PAI’s Fair, Transparent and Accountable AI Working Group. The Working Group is Chaired by Edward Felten of Princeton and Verity Harding of DeepMind.

This site will progressively be updated with outputs from the AIFNZ working group, including insights from the wider PAI working group.