The AI Forum NZ brings together citizens, business, academia, and the government connecting, promoting, and advancing the AI ecosystem to help drive positive social and economic outcomes for New Zealand.

Members of the AI Forum can choose to join the Working Groups. Several working groups are aligned with the work of the international Partnership on AI of which the AI Forum NZ is a Partner.

Information on AI Forum working groups is shown below. Please contact the leaders of these working groups for more information.

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Fair, Transparent and Accountable AI Working Group


Create depth in the provision of advice concerning issues and opportunities for promoting fair, accountable, transparent, and explainable AI.


This group will support the AI Forum’s purpose of raising awareness and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence by creating depth in the conversation, in a manner that best suits New Zealand’s needs as an inclusive, productive and sustainable digital nation.

NZ Working Group Leaders

Koren O’Brien, ANZ
Amy Fletcher, The University of Canterbury

AI Labour and the Economy Working Group


Raise awareness, investigate and address the considerations associated with the development and application of AI.


This group connects into the global Partnership on AI (PAI) and will bring a New Zealand perspective into international discussions and projects undertaken.

NZ Working Group Leaders

Victor Yuen, FaceMe
Dave Jones, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency

Get Involved

To learn more about our working groups or express your interest, please email AI Forum NZ Executive Director Ben Reid.