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The Future of Information Technology: Data and Smarter Machining

Find out about Big Data, AI and Machine Learning.

Big Data means many types of data that are too large and need to be transferred at a fast rate. Those enormous data sets can help to solve many business problems that we couldn’t tackle before. Are you wondering how we can transfer that big amount of data, such as a three-hour video from one mobile to another that doesn’t result in a sloppy and distorted video flow? Well, divide it into chunks at the source, transfer each chunk through the wireless network, recombine the data packets at the destination, check, and fix errors (if possible) and send a confirmation to the source that data packet was received correctly.

In this talk, we will show you how this occurs through some examples. Have you ever thought how the AI, an undeniable future of IT, functions? Almost all areas, i.e. Health, Agriculture, Education, etc. are getting more and more influenced with AI. This session gives insights of fundamental concepts of AI and Machine Learning. The evolution of concepts, theory and some examples like how to classify Oranges and Apples based on weight, texture and shape.

The speakers from WITT will present those topics to the Spotswood College students, but stream this session live to others.

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May 19
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
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