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All the Buzzwords

– Blockchain
– Internet of things
– Artificial intelligence
– Augmented Reality
What do they mean? How do these technologies intersect? Hear from our go-to people in the industry as they demystify the buzzwords in plain english, give you an example of this technology being used in NZ then take your questions.
Speakers include:
Elinor Swery, Senior Consultant in IBM’s Digital Strategy Practice
Elinor works with clients to offer compelling and competitive digital experiences for their customers, build new expertise and devise new ways of working. She is particularly passionate about showing the capabilities of cognitive technologies. Elinor has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has significant experience working with manufacturing companies and in product design.
Taylor Carrasco, VP of Creative Development at Mixt

Cofounder and VP of Creative Development at Mixt, NZ’s augmented reality production studio.

Cofounder of Wellington Virtual and Mixed Reality Studio Mixt, Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Visual and Game Programming. His study covered film and games, with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Emergent Behaviours. He forged much of his career in San Francisco, where he worked on MMOs, children’s games, built gaming devices (carved and moulded), and was part of the beginnings of Free to Play.After 15 films with Weta, Taylor left to do interactive art projects then join Yoobee as the Head of Faculty – Game Art and Development. He is now full time VP of Creative Director at Mixt.


Peter Fletcher-Dobson, Digital Advisor at Kiwibank

Innovator and futurist. Digital Advisor. Peter created NZ’s first fintech accelerator. He’s into tech blogging; writing fiction; meditation; motorcycles; Te Reo & t?ku wh?nau.


Tim Nelson, General Manager | Integration IoT & Productivity at Datacom



Aug 31
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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