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AI Enviro Hackathon Report 2022

In September 2022 we ran the AI Forum's first ever New Zealand-wide hackathon series and partnered with She Sharp in the first ever Female-led AI Hackathon. Based on our May 2022 AI for the Environment Report, the series resulted in bringing people with rare skill sets together around environmental issues that affect us all - with some amazing results.
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AI for the Kiwi and global environment

Aotearoa’s native environment can hugely benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) in a fast changing climate world, AIForumNZ executive director Madeline Newman says.
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AI in healthcare, NZ leading the world

AI is on the verge of making massive changes in New Zealand’s public health system which has been facing structural resourcing issues in the last two years, exacerbated by the covid pandemic.
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NZ must close the gender gap in AI

The gender gap in the artificial intelligence sector (AI) risks perpetuating vastly inequitable outcomes for women in an age where digitalisation offers real economic advantage. The gender gap in AI is caused by the exclusion of women at every stage of the AI lifecycle, the tech powering our digital transformation. The issue will be a … Continue reading "NZ must close the gender gap in AI"
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What of the future of facial recognition growth in NZ?

A just released report by Choice magazine in Australia has found three major retailers, Kmart, The Good Guys and Bunnings have deployed artificial intelligence (AI) based facial recognition technology in their stores to monitor customers for loss prevention.
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AI Forum NZ helping climate change and environment issues

It is no longer enough to leave the impacts climate change and declining biodiversity to chance, AI Forum NZ executive director Madeline Newman says.