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Launch of NZ AI Policy Tracker from The Brainbox Institute welcomed by AIFNZ

The recent launch of a significant resource, the NZ AI Policy Tracker, by the esteemed Brainbox Institute is welcomed by the AI Forum New Zealand. This tool represents a pioneering effort to consolidate information concerning Aotearoa New Zealand’s disparate AI regulatory framework, providing a unified platform for accessing pertinent materials.

Crafted with precision, the tracker meticulously compiles crucial outputs from governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, and esteemed experts. From authoritative guidance on generative AI to comprehensive policy documents and long-term strategic plans, the repository caters to a diverse audience, including researchers, academics, and policy professionals.

With an unwavering commitment to currency and comprehensiveness, the NZ AI Policy Tracker will undergo regular updates to reflect the evolving landscape of AI regulation. While the tracker primarily focuses on governmental and non-governmental initiatives aimed at fostering AI research and policy in New Zealand, it does not endeavour to encompass every organisation or agency operating within the broader AI domain.

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