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Unveiling the future!

Ahead of the Aotearoa AI Summit 2023, Mott MacDonald’s Maria Mingallon facilitated an exclusive pre-event workshop, Unveiling the future: Bridging AI and IoT in infrastructure.

Participants stepped in the AI-infused future focused on the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to discover AIoT! 

“Infrastructure is incredibly important for the future of our planet and is intricately tied to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Unprecedented population growth… is driving urbanisation and intensifying climate change. These challenges are reshaping our communities and putting strain on existing infrastructure,” says Maria.

Digital technologies are essential for boosting productivity and reducing costs in the design, construction and management of infrastructure assets, she says.

During the workshop, experts, leaders and stakeholders shared their insights, addressing current and future challenges with the aid of AIoT.

“Collaboration and co-design are essential for embracing AIoT… by uniting stakeholders from all corners of the industry, we can unlock innovative solutions that benefit our communities and the environment we live in.” 

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Explore AIoT, key challenges, desired outcomes, case studies and more in this special report. 

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Maria Mingallon

Maria Mingallon, Automation and Computational Design Global Lead at Mott MacDonald facilitated the Unveiling the Future: Bridging AI and IoT in Infrastructure workshop on Wednesday 20 September in Auckland. Learn more.

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