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Autonomous underwater vehicle – a conversation with Boxfish’s Ben King

Listen to Ben King, co-founder of Boxfish Research, the visionaries of underwater robotics, talk about their innovative autonomous underwater vehicle ARV-i. Read more about Boxfish here.

Collaborating with Norway’s Transmark Subsea, Boxfish developed a world-first, dockable hovering autonomous underwater vehicle ARV-i. This underwater robot is a compact lightweight system, that can remain submerged for up to 12 months, with wireless battery charging and communications. It’s a game-changing technology that enables automate tasks previously difficult to automate or prohibitively expensive.

By reducing offshore inspection costs, detecting wear, and eliminating the need for human presence offshore to perform repetitive inspection tasks, this technology offers extended asset lifespan and improves efficiency.

By staying ahead of the curve in robotic engineering and control algorithms, Boxfish is illuminating life beneath the waves.

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