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Meet Megan, leading digital inclusion at ANZ

Meet Megan, the inspirational Chair of our Executive Council, leading digital inclusion at ANZ:

“I had the opportunity to represent ANZ as part of this campaign. As a Māori and a leader in technology at ANZ, I want to acknowledge several things. ANZ is on a journey around inclusion – particularly Māori inclusion. We are strengthening our involvement and we’re doing such a lot to make ANZ a great place to work. As ANZ embraces our Māori and Pacific diversity, we see it strengthening the way we service our customers and communities and I am proud to be part of this.   

I also want to acknowledge the top team of Māori and Pasifka tech professionals who every day make ANZ such a great place to work. We are the point of difference that makes Aotearoa unique and combining our Māori and Pasifka heritage with advancements in technology, AI and with ANZ support, we can drive change for future generations and strengthen communities and the bank. “

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