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Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

AI Playbook

For the last two years, the New Zealand government has been the co-sponsor for a Artificial Intelligence project with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution on how government and society can come together to address the challenge of regulating AI.  A key part of this work has been the development of a Playbook for businesses and governments on how to engage in large scale conversations with communities about AI. 

The Playbook is a key part of the work that the New Zealand has underway in building trust, through the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa, and in helping raise awareness and guide New Zealand’s own AI journey, through the AI Strategy for Aotearoa (part of the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan).  By providing a framework and guidance on how to run a national, widespread conversation with all stakeholders and seeking social licence and building trust in the process, we hope that a clear focus of the conversation will be to gain the input of those whose voices are often not heard, and who are likely to be impacted by the future use of AI systems.

Working with a range of stakeholders, the Playbook has brought together experience and knowledge from industry, government, academia and civil society along with tools, approaches and best practice that have been trialled from around the world.  The Playbook is aimed at being a usable tool for those who wish to begin conversations on AI and has been written as a product that can be dipped into, rather than a seamless narrative that needs to be read from beginning to end.  We realise that people will require different tools at different stages of the process and it may be helpful to be able to go straight to the parts of the Playbook that interest you, using the tools and advice from those sections.

The Playbook is split into six parts, providing a frame by which a national conversation can be designed, developed and conducted. 

Chapter 1: Discovery, looks at how you might start investigating and shaping up the material and requirements for the engagement.

Chapter 2: Design, suggests ways to decide on the key parts of your engagement.

Chapter 3: Approaches, which showcases a number of engagement approaches you might want to think about for your own engagement.

Chapter 4: Engage, how to run the engagement itself, using actual examples and tips from experts.

Chapter 5: Report, gives tips on how to analyse and present the findings of your engagement

Chapter 6: Review, the final chapter provides advice on how you might want to evaluate the process and absorbing the learnings for your next engagement.

We hope that you find this to be a useful product to guide your thinking and find tips and tools that suit your engagement.

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