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Join the AI Forum at Techweek2020

We’re fast approaching Techweek2020 and the AI Forum has lots of events and programming scheduled. We have an amazing array of experts to explore very important topics across the AI ecosystem and invite you to join in, ask questions and discuss with us:

Building Aotearoa’s Artificial Intelligence capability – proudly brought to you by AiLab, AUT and AI Forum. AI offers opportunities to grow and enhance technology skill sets, develop new talent and invest in high growth sectors. In addition, AI-based technologies offer new and exciting solutions to a wide range of social and business problems, with AI adoption promising huge economic benefits. This event includes a panel discussion on building AI and emerging tech capability throughout New Zealand.

How can we build the New Zealand AI brand?
China, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and the United States of America have made bold moves to establish leading market positions in the AI and data arenas. While we can’t expect to compete at the same scale, New Zealand can carve out its own global position. The panel will discuss how New Zealand can build its unique brand in the global AI market so that we can cultivate a thriving local AI ecosystem and diverse workforce.

The role of AI for the future of Education – in collaboration with EdTechNZ.
Now is the time to seriously acknowledge the importance of flexible, personalised learning through tech-enabled teaching. AI is set to help make education more accessible, produce tailored curriculums, provide insight rich education management, reduce teaching overheads and enable effective remote learning. 

AI and the Environment
AI is being used to tackle some of our greatest environmental challenges, including climate change, pollution and wildlife extinction. This session will focus on the opportunities for using AI to help us understand and address these issues in New Zealand. 

Trustworthy AI
AI can drive significant economic and social benefits for New Zealand, but also introduces a range of risks and challenges to society. This session will focus on how we can maintain public trust in the development and use of AI in New Zealand.

Maori and the future of AI
Many Māori businesses have been reflecting on the role of holistic and intergenerational practices in reshaping New Zealand’s future. In partnership with Callaghan Innovation, industry experts will explore the opportunities and benefits of bringing a Māori perspective to AI. The session aims to explore questions such as: What could this look like? How can Aotearoa lead global discussions about indigenous perspectives on AI? And how can we make this a reality?

Techweek2020 events brought to you by some of our members include:

Demystifying AI – Waikato University
A gentle introduction to AI, challenges and issues. Did you know that New Zealand created some of the most popular AI open source software in the world? We will explain what AI can do, what AI can not do and how AI is going to change our future, giving examples of recent applications.

The state of Artificial Intelligence and why your business should care – Spark 64
Exploring some of the latest research that’s coming out of the top AI labs around the world, their use cases, and how your business can start applying them to increase efficiency of your internal processes or get a leg up from your competition.

Using AI to predict customer buying decisions – Direct Sourcing Solutions
Leading New Zealand clinical psychologist Nigel Latta will explain how humans make decisions. He is joined by Bryan Lockyer, the founder of Direct Sourcing Solutions to discuss AI accurately predicting customer buying patterns. Marc van der Putten of STORM, who is leading an AI-powered digital transformation in luxury fashion, will also join the conversation.

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, I was recently asked to join the OECD’s ONE.AI network of experts. My working group is seeking case studies or examples of practical approaches and good practices to help further inform the implementation of trustworthy AI systems; that is, AI systems that embody principles such as human rights, fairness, transparency, explainability, security, safety and accountability. If you have implemented good practice for building trustworthy AI systems please share your practical approaches by completing ONE.AI’s short survey by 31 July here.

Finally, for those who may have missed it, the Department of Conservation (DOC) recently shared with us a very detailed analysis of AI, ML and machine vision capabilities for conservation efforts in their Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island Project. It’s a fantastic read, especially for those interested in machine vision and its application to tackle environmental challenges.

Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua.


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