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AI for ecological wellbeing and environmental protection

How can artificial intelligence be used to protect and promote New Zealand’s environment and ecology?

The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand (AIFNZ) and are seeking early interest in the research and creation of a sector specific report exploring “AI for ecological wellbeing and environmental protection”.

The AI Forum’s 2019 research programme has recently highlighted many of the opportunities AI related technologies and methodologies present in its sector specific reports across agriculture, health, financial services and insurance. We believe AI has the potential to provide many opportunities to empower our role as guardians of New Zealand’s unique taonga. and the AIFNZ want to hear from key stakeholders, Government agencies, research institutions and innovators interested in report collaboration across Environmental AI. If you are interested in providing case studies, data, information, support or being part of the design conversation, please get in touch with Emma and Victor.

Victor Anton:

Emma Naji:

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