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Productivity Commission Report: Time to Embrace Technology

Time to Embrace Technology: New Zealand has too little technological change and adoption.

In its first draft report, New Zealand, technology and productivity, the New Zealand Productivity Commission explores the impact of technology on jobs.  It builds on research and modelling from academics, governments and other organisations, including the AI Forum.   

One of the report’s conclusions is that “New Zealand needs to embrace technology, not treat it as a threat. The problem is not that there is too much technological change and adoption; there is too little. More and faster technology adoption will open up opportunities to improve New Zealanders’ living standards.”

In June, the AI Forum made a submission to the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s Issues Paper – Technological change and the future of work.  Read our submission here

As reported, warnings that jobs are changing rapidly and at risk from automation are missing the mark, according to the draft report.  This assessment is aligned with the AI Forum’s own research findings – although ongoing work will continue to be needed to monitor the impacts of technological change on jobs.

The inquiry aims to answer two main questions:

1. What are the current and likely future impacts of technological change and disruption on the future of work, the workforce, labour markets, productivity and wellbeing?

2. How can the Government better position New Zealand and New Zealanders to take advantage of innovation and technological change in terms of productivity, labour-market participation and the nature of work?

The Commission is now seeking submissions on the draft findings and recommendations in the report by 20 January 2020.

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