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Ben Reid

Artificial Intelligence set to bring significant change

The economic and social impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to be dramatic, but New Zealand is preparing for the significant change with the establishment of a forum dedicated to AI.   Last month, the Hon Paul Goldsmith welcomed the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand (AIFNZ) which has set out to raise the level of awareness of AI in New Zealand.   

The Forum’s launch in Wellington on June 7 was attended by politicians, government agencies and tech companies.  Already, a broad group of organisations have joined the Forum, sharing a vision to lead the rapidly growing local AI industry.

“AI is fast being used to make people more efficient and it will touch every element of New Zealanders’ lives from better healthcare and education to faster service and more personalised products,” says AIFNZ Chair, Stu Christie.

“Like any emerging technology there is still a lot that Kiwis don’t know about AI – both the opportunities and the risks.  Having a nationally coordinated forum to share learnings and have discussions is critical to ensuring New Zealand gets the best outcome,” he says.

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Ben Reid I head up the AI Forum of New Zealand - working to harness the power of AI to help bring about a prosperous and inclusive future for New Zealand and the world. The AI Forum NZ brings together technology firms, businesses, universities and the government to connect, promote and advance the national AI ecosystem.