In 2017 the AI Forum is coordinating a large scale research project into both the New Zealand and international AI landscapes together with the potential for AI to help drive economic growth and social improvement in New Zealand. The AI Forum has designed a industry/government co-funded project that will not only enable a piece of comprehensive research, it will also support the development of the AI Forum’s activities itself.

Ultimately the workstreams of the AI Forum will flow directly from the outcomes of this research. Additionally, the project has been designed so that the research can be used in ways to raise capability and ultimately demand for AI, including communications activity to raise the overall awareness of AI throughout the country.

This project is currently seeking broad industry support – contact us for options for becoming a supporter of this groundbreaking project.


A key purpose of this project is to raise awareness of AI, it’s economic potential and to influence various stakeholders.

While AI is a rapidly developing technology, understanding of its potential is still relatively limited.  By undertaking a collaborative research project with the government, industry and broader society we have an opportunity to raise the profile of AI and its potential.  Across government agencies and policy makers, across industry sectors, and with the public in general.


The project will also provide a  comprehensive view of the NZ AI ecosystem  in comparison to global developments, identify local market opportunities & any risks.
The research element of this project will be designed to provide a comprehensive stocktake of AI activity. The research will also set out to identify ways AI is being used across multiple sectors and any barriers or challenges that may need to be addressed to accelerate deployment. The AI Forum will work together to address these.


The project has been designed to include the launch of an industry group, the  AI Forum of New Zealand, to provide a neutral platform for the industry to manage AI concerns & to develop initiatives to drive uptake.

It is expected that the research will identify opportunities and barriers. The project has been designed to support the AI Forum structure to enable participants to engage with each other in a neutral environment, consider potential pilot programs and work together to address challenges and opportunities.