Internationally, Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly

The AI Forum’s 2019 research programme is designed to help New Zealand understand where and how to focus our finite resources to harness these powerful new tools and achieve the best outcomes for the country as a whole.

We are working to help Kiwi individuals, businesses and institutions understand trends in AI and Machine Learning, the effects they will have and to consider the implications and responses in their own lives and organisations.

We will shift the focus from what the impact of AI might be to how we need to respond to create the best outcomes for New Zealand – with an emphasis on identifying practical, actionable steps and real world examples.

Our aim to be accessible and tangible to the general reader, without an assumption of technical skills or market knowledge, and to kickstart and catalyse an informed and ongoing national debate on these important changes.

In order to do that, we will work to ensure that our content is:

  • Actionable: grounded, pragmatic, realistic, tangible, practical and rooted in the real world
  • Credible: independent, balanced, thorough, open, factual, referenced and transparent, and aware of the wider international contexts.
  • Relevant: timely, localised, and understandable for non specialist readers
  • Inclusive: considering the diverse needs and interests of NZ society as a whole and welcoming input from all sectors
  • Prudent: acknowledging complexity and the unknown and taking account of the real risks of both action and inaction.
  • Bold: a contribution to the national and international debate which will address questions based on relevance, regardless of difficulty, and without fear or favour.