2019 Research Programme

Towards Our Intelligent Future - An AI Roadmap for New Zealand

Coming Soon – Reports to be released early September 2019

Welcome to the AI Forum’s 2019 research programme – Towards Our Intelligent Future – An AI Roadmap for New Zealand – a collaborative initiative to identify how New Zealand can harness the potential of Artificial intelligence – and respond to the challenges.

Since the release of our May 2018 report Artificial Intelligence – Shaping a Future New Zealand, it is increasingly clear that AI represents a step change in the way that technology influences our lives. AI is already impacting our businesses, government and communities in real and tangible ways. There is every reason to expect that these impacts will continue to grow as the technology matures and becomes more widely adopted in NZ and around the world.

Yet despite the huge potential and the pressing need for more focused direction, there are still significant and pervasive gaps in understanding how to practically apply AI in 2019. We observe that businesses, government and individuals continue seeking to understand not just what AI is and what it can do, but how to make it deliver successfully.

Our 2019 research programme will build on our 2018 output, moving the focus from what the impact of AI might be to how we need to respond to create the best outcomes for New Zealand – with an emphasis on identifying practical, actionable steps and real world examples.

Research Programme Partners

This work is an independent undertaking co-funded by the AI Forum of New Zealand, Industry Partners and the New Zealand Government.

To find out more about becoming a Research Programme Partner, please contact ben.reid@aiforum.org.nz