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AI tech at tipping point

AI is being increasingly used to make lives easier and more productive. The potential of AI can be found across every facet of society, including business, entertainment, finance, health, manufacturing and more, he says.
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NZ produces a world-first AI medical diagnosis platform

A New Zealand company has created a world-first artificial intelligence (AI) medical platform for medical researchers and clinicians to create AI to auto-diagnose a large range of diseases based on a single photograph. Dunedin company oDocs, which created the system for Medicmind, says the AI system is working well and is ready for beta testing. … Continue reading "NZ produces a world-first AI medical diagnosis platform"
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AI bringing exciting possibilities to NZ

In Phoenix, Arizona, cars are self-navigating the streets. In many homes, people are speaking to digital assistants, with the machines responding. Smartphones and apps can now recognise faces in photos and translate from one language to another, to name a few other examples of artificial intelligence (AI).
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NZ can’t afford to fall behind in the AI revolution

The head of New Zealand’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company Soul Machines has issued a plea to New Zealand corporate companies not to fall behind in the global development of AI, the latest tech industrial revolution. Greg Cross, chief business officer for Soul Machines, says jumping on the AI bandwagon is a big challenge and … Continue reading "NZ can’t afford to fall behind in the AI revolution"
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Empowering Healthcare with AI

Healthcare has rapidly become a key focus for the application of new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Alongside the opportunities, challenges surround its use in health, particularly balancing the use of data with privacy.
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Microsoft’s new Iphone app narrates the world for blind people

Microsoft has released Seeing AI — a smartphone app that uses computer vision to describe the world for the visually impaired. With the app downloaded, the users can point their phone’s camera at a person and it’ll say who they are and how they’re feeling. They can also point it at a product and it’ll tell them … Continue reading "Microsoft’s new Iphone app narrates the world for blind people"