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AI in healthcare, NZ leading the world

AI is on the verge of making massive changes in New Zealand’s public health system which has been facing structural resourcing issues in the last two years, exacerbated by the covid pandemic.
AI, Business & Economy

State of AI in New Zealand Report

It outlines what we can learn from New Zealand businesses further advanced in AI Maturity and the steps organisations, and the government, need to take to truly ignite AI adoption as we look to create the AI economy in NZ.
AI, Business & Economy

$6.4billion in labour efficiencies to be made in NZ’s economy

New Zealand urgently needs to increase its focus on an AI-enabled future, particularly investment, skills and talent, research, trusted data, ethics and regulation, a major new national artificial intelligent research report says.
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Accelerating the uptake of tech in the NZ economy is crucial

Christchurch – The Productivity Commission’s new inquiry into the impact of tech on the future of work in New Zealand is a valuable first step for government to be better informed about the effect of tech developments when making policy, the national artificial intelligence organisation, the AI Forum NZ, says.
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How will AI impact customer experience in finance?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing financial services and customer interactions with firms. This is being driven by competition for market share and the maturity of algorithms. Meanwhile, customer preferences are keeping pace with technological change too. Many customers now expect better, quicker service, at all times, from AI driven chatbots and robo advisors. AI’s … Continue reading "How will AI impact customer experience in finance?"
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Be part of the kiwi transport revolution!

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is calling for expressions of interest to join the Land Transport Future Technology Leadership Group. This is an opportunity to help shape the future of New Zealand’s transport technology.